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Levitated Objects

An education
like no other.

Research meets talent.

We don't believe in simply teaching. 

All of our curriculums and programs are built upon years of extensive research into how students learn and how to teach well. As a result, our classes are like no other: research-backed and data-driven.

Our instructors are also world-class and undergo extensive training to ensure that we continue to provide consistent high-quality classes for our students. All instructors have graduated in the top 10% of their class and have standardized scores no lower than the top 1% so that our programs continue to be effective, efficient, and successful.  


Round 1

Background, experience, education check

Round 2

One on one interview with our educator team

Round 3

Test classes to ensure quality of teaching

Round 4

Feedback check after every class & continued training

Only the best. 

No matter the subject, students' perception of whether a class was "good" or not often depends heavily on the instructor. 

The best instructors are able to make even the most boring subjects enjoyable and easy to understand. That's why we spend so much time ensuring that all of our educators are the best in their field with our four stage selection process. 

With an instructor acceptance ratio of 9:1, rest assured that your program will be taught by someone who is smart, fun, and passionate. Feel the difference with us. 

Why we're different.

🧑‍🎓 Student-focused program

We're not a tutor matching service nor are we an afterschool academy.

As a result, we're invested from the beginning to the end in providing the best education possible for you. 

🧑‍🏫 Top class instructors

All our instructors are world class. 

Our instructors are also paid on average twice more than at similar institutions,* ensuring that our classes are always high quality and the value is passed to you, not us. 

*Among educational companies offering tutoring services in Korea

🎒 One stop for everything

From elementary school to college, we'll always be by your side. 

We have classes in nearly every subject imaginable, ensuring that when you need help, we'll be there for you.

📘 Effective curriculums

All our classes are research-backed and are carefully designed to be enjoyable and effective. 

Backed by our strong curricular team, our classes help you accomplish your goals quicker and better. 

🏅 Strong, actual results

Our numbers tell it all. 

94% of our students report higher grades within the first three months. 

87% of our students report being in the top 20% of their class after one consistent year with us. 

🪂 Support every step of the way

We're here for you every step of the way. We ensure that you get what you want and need more. 


Don't match with your teacher? We'll change that. Want a more-personalized curriculum? We'll do that. 

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No commitment required! 

Whether you are looking to sign up for our classes or simply want to know more, please use the form, and we'll reach back out to you with more details. 

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