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Where dreams are made.

Protecting our team during COVID

As COVID impacts us in ways we have not experienced before, we maintain our commitment to providing a working experience and environment that is safe and secure. 

Our team members come from nine countries, and TECO operates in five. Given our different circumstances, we empower each employee to choose how and where they want to work, and our hiring process for 2020-2021 is now fully online. 

The "why" behind our Student Internship Program

As students, it's incredibly hard to figure out what we love doing. 

As we grow, we're constantly faced with questions about our future, and often times our dreams and goals for when we graduate school become aligned with what others want and expect out of us instead of what we want for ourselves. 

At TECO, we bring passionate students each year onto our team to try their interests across marketing, design, software, education, and more. We want our interns to realize what they love doing and be able to pursue a future aligned to their skills, interests, and goals. 

The Application Process

1. Submit an application below. 

2. We reach out to you within a week and let you know if you're invited for an interview.

3. We conduct an interview to get to know you better. 

4. We reach out to you within a week and let you know if you're in. 

5. Congrats! Welcome to the TECO team.

*If you have any questions, please email


To apply, please take the time to fill out the information below.

What department would you like to intern in (check all that apply)?
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