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Where talent meets passion.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values shape our culture and guide everything we do.


We inspire each other.

Without the goals, passions, and dedication of our team members, we would not be at where we are now. At TECO, we inspire each other to grow. 

With us,
do what you love. 

No idea is impossible when you're with us. We always seek creativity and innovation to fuel us forward. 

At TECO, do what you love, not what you're given. 

With us,
don't be held back. 

There's no finish line at TECO. As we accomplish our goals and visions, we are constantly looking to improve and grow. 

With TECO, don't be held back. Look forward! 

"Being able to work with inspirational people everyday is really exciting. At TECO, while everyone is part of their respective departments, I appreciate that our opinions and ideas are respected across the company. Also, the fact that you're able to kick off projects that you want to pursue right away makes TECO a valuable place for those wanting to grow and challenge themselves."
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Dasom Lee | Director of Brand Identity & Design

We're like a sports team.

TECO feels like a sports team. We practice together, experience failures and victories together, and hold each other to our collective standard of excellence. 

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With us,
live for change. 

TECO's roots start in education, a sector highly resistant to change. ​ With our goals to reimagine the future, we're always looking ahead of the curve. 


​At TECO, we live for change, and our culture reflects a desire to be a driving force for what's better. 

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With us,
dream big. 

Our mission to build prepared students, confident leaders, and successful citizens is broad, vast, and optimistic.


Working towards such a big goal is not without its difficulties, but with our team by our side, nothing is impossible.

"TECO is a place where people can really maximize their potential. Our PO (Product Owner) structure particularly gives people ownership over projects that they get to work on from scratch - with the help of our team. While maximizing responsibility, our meetings are also fun and filled with laughter that make TECO an exciting place to work at."
Sangho Yoon | Chief Product Officer

We focus on what matters most.

We ensure that our team has the resources, time, energy, and motivation to focus on what matters most. 

Image by Omar Ram
With us,
work freely. 

Enjoy unlimited work freedom at TECO. 

  1. Fluid & flexible office working hours 

  2. Open vacation policy 

  3. Maternity & childcare leave

  4. Work from home, whenever & wherever

  5. 1 month paid vacation every 3 years of work

  6. Access to 17 office lounges across Seoul

  7. Work in your country of choice

  8. Get paid in your currency of choice

Image by Charles Deluvio
With us,
work without distractions. 

Focus on work. We'll do the rest. 

  1. Bonus payments via set goals

  2. Software & hardware purchase support

  3. 100% support for work-related expenses

  4. Travel for work - entirely on us

  5. All lunches and company dinners are on us

  6. Full-grade Health Insurance, Pension, and Employment Insurance

  7. Get home safely at night - the taxi is on us

The Builders

With an average age less than 30, we're a young team with big dreams! 

Taesun Shim

Chief Executive Officer

대표 (CEO)

Jinho Yoon

Full Stack Developer

풀스택 개발자

Jae Hyung (Jay) Lee

Curriculum Consultant

커리큘럼 개발 컨설턴트

Minjun Kim

Creative Director

크리에이티브 디렉터

Stephanie Kim
스테파니 킴

Chief Operating Officer

최고운영책임자 (COO)

David Jung

Director of TECO Labs

태코 랩스 디렉터

Erin Kim
에린 킴

AI Language Engineer

인공지능 (AI) 언어 엔지니어

Dasom Lee

Director of Brand Identity

브랜드 아이덴티티 디렉터

Sangho Yoon

Chief Product Officer

최고제품책임자 (CPO)

Leo Kwon

Business Development Manager

사업 개발 담당

Hosoo Yoo

Product Designer

프로덕트 디자이너

Youngil Kim

Chief Technology Officer

최고기술책임자 (CTO)

Janice Yoon

Director of Curriculum

커리큘럼 디렉터

Alma Roosnelia
알마 루스넬리아

Indonesia Branch Manager

인도네시아 지점장

The Interns

Our Internship Program aims to help students try their interests and dreams on a bigger stage. 

Kay Park

Korean History Intern

Junwoo Kang

Economic Curriculum Intern

Youngju Han

Creative Intern

Jemin An

Curriculum Intern

Taein Shim

UI/UX Intern

Justin Yoon

Finance Curriculum Intern

Jinho Kim

Economic Curriculum Intern

Youshin Kong

Finance Curriculum Intern

Jesse Cho

Curriculum Intern

The Educators

Our world-class instructors from all around the world fuel our classes. 


Jolene L. | Yale-NUS | 9 years of experience ​


Daniel C. | Yale University | 5 years of experience ​

Issa G. | University of Southern California | 5 years of experience ​

Grant G. | Yale-NUS | 4 years of experience


Jack B. | University of California, Berkeley | 4 years of experience ​


James H. | Brown University | 4 years of experience

Ginny H. | Yale-NUS | 3 years of experience


K. Danbi | Seoul National University | 7 years of experience  


Yehoon A. | Yale-NUS | 4 years of experience ​


S. Tae Young | Seoul National University | 4 years of experience ​


J. Sun Hee | Seoul National University | 3 years of experience ​

J. Hee Jun | Korea University | 3 years of experience

Math & Science

Jinah P. | National University of Singapore | 6 years of experience

Yelim K. | University of Pennsylvania | 5 years of experience

Ryan L. | Yale-NUS | 5 years of experience ​


Hashir G. | National University of Singapore | 5 years of experience ​


Noelle P. | Yale-NUS | 5 years of experience  


Yejin A. | Yale-NUS | 4 years of experience  


David P. | Rice University | 4 years of experience ​


Brian L. | Brown University | 3 years of experience ​


Michelle A. | Korea University | 3 years of experience

History & Social Sciences

Hailey G. | Cornell University | 7 years of experience  


B. Dae Sung | Korea University | 6 years of experience ​


N. Jun Jie | Yale-NUS | 3 years of experience ​


Joseph T. | National University of Singapore | 2 years of experience


Brian B. | University of California, Los Angeles | 2 years of experience

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