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Alma Roosnelia

Indonesia Branch Manager

Alma is a branch manager for Indonesia at TECO. As part of TECO, her responsibility involves developing operational plans, implementing brand strategies, generating progress reports, and representing the company in Southeast Asia within Indonesia and beyond.

Besides TECO, Alma also acts as a category development associate for an eCommerce startup company in Indonesia. Alma contributes to digitalize government payments, works with various private and public stakeholders, and executes holistic operations and marketing plans for the product. Before joining TECO, she builds her experience from working within startup companies in different verticals.

Other than that, Alma also actively volunteers as a partnership strategist in a non-profit mental health organization. During her leisure time, Alma enjoys listening to music and podcast, working out, building puzzles, having deep talk conversations while sipping her black coffee.

Alma holds a Bachelor of Economics in International Business from the University of Indonesia.


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