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Jae Hyung (Jay) Lee

Curriculum Consultant

Jay Lee is the Curriculum Consultant for TECO. In this position, Jay provides input in the development of educational curriculums, presenting a different perspective to better enrich the learning experience.

Prior to joining TECO, Jay has always been involved in the education field, tutoring students in areas such as English Literature, Social Studies, and Spanish. He has been a peer counsellor for his university’s mental health awareness group, providing weekly counselling sessions and education programs for the student community until he was conscripted into military service. Even during his time in the Korean Army, Jay continued to be engaged with education. He became a peer counsellor for his fellow soldiers and actively worked with his superior officers to improve upon the existing training and curriculum.

Jay enjoys nothing more than reading classical fiction with an iced caramel macchiato. He also enjoys reading about and watching theatre productions like musicals and plays.

Jay holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and Psychology at New York University Abu Dhabi.


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