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Sangho Yoon

Chief Product Officer

Sangho is the Chief Product Officer of TECO. As CPO, Sangho sets the future goals and managing the various products and teams of TECO, especially of the technology.

Prior to his involvement in TECO, Sangho worked at NUS Business School, UNESCO-APCEIU (Education NGO), Synthesis (Consulting for MNCs), and currently working on statistics project with NUS Medical School. With these experiences, Sangho gained valuable experiences in educational administration, business development, and how data can be applied in different contexts.

Having a passion in teaching and interacting with students, Sangho continues to teach through TECO's programs. In his free time, Sangho reads and studies into the current tech advances and trends. His personal project at the moment are game development and studying crypto currency trading systems.

Sangho holds a Bachelors of Science with Honours in Mathematical, Computational, and Statistical Sciences from Yale-NUS (National University of Singapore).


최고제품책임자 (CPO)
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