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Stephanie Kim

Chief Operating Officer

Stephanie is the Chief Operating Officer of TECO. As COO, she enters numerous meetings with a vibrant attitude despite getting on calls at 11pm (time zone). As part of the operations team, Stephanie gives her insights for each aspect of the project she is responsible for, ultimately becoming a strong backbone of the company.

Amidst her work in TECO, Stephanie also acts as one of the business development team members and talent acquisition manager for a Korean entertainment company, WILD. Here, Stephanie builds strong relationships with talents and creatives, makes business pitches to top executives in the industry, and learns diverse marketing skills for global expansion.

In her spare time, Stephanie is developing her web designing skills as a personal project. On the weekends, you can find her outside visiting cafes with delicious food, exploring different areas outside of LA, and if you’re lucky, possibly working out!

Stephanie holds a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from USC.


최고운영책임자 (COO)
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