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[REC] #1 - A word from TECO’s founder

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Creating something revolutionary in the hope of change is never easy, but the Founder and CEO of TECO Education wants to challenge that. We’d like to find out more from the brains who founded this company, Taesun.


Q: What was the inspiration behind TECO Education?

As a student who has been through a variety of schools–public and private–in a variety of locations from Atlanta to Singapore, I’ve been able to see the progression of global education and how they manifest in different environments. Nonetheless, I noted that regardless of size, environment, tuition, or teacher-to-student ratio, the main problem affecting schools worldwide is the fact that students often grow up with weak foundations in studying itself. While they may excel in math or writing, when examined closely, many students have weak organizational skills, lack concrete goals, and work with inefficient and dated study methods.

That had to change. So after working with several educational institutions from high schools to private companies, I took the lessons I learned and the experiences I recieved to build TECO.

Q: What is TECO Education aiming for?

Our goal is quite simple: we want to build prepared students, confident leaders, and successful citizens. TECO isn’t just another tutoring center: because we have our roots in curriculum development and uniquely target improving foundational study strategies, our classes provide students with more than just a class on Calculus. We hope that our students will use the skills they learned during their time with us to take with them forever–into college and beyond.

Q: Your program seems to involve a unique pedagogy --- can you tell us a little more about what TECO Education offers?

Our roots come from working with schools to redefine what a “study strategies” curriculum looks like. As a result, our teaching is always tied to working with students to both better understand academic topics and to build better habits and skills.

In June 2020, we’re rolling out “Tutor Match” that will link students with the best tutor by taking into consideration a multitude of factors such as current skill level, study styles, and other personal preferences. We use our proprietary algorithm to ensure that students get the best teacher for them and that teachers get the best students that will respond best to their teaching style.

Q: Do you think there’s a one size fits all solution to getting better results?

Absolutely not. The one size fits all solution ends up hurting students in the lower half and inhibits the high-performing students from achieving their highest potential. That’s why at TECO we have such a big emphasis on personalized teaching to bring out the best in each individual student.

Q: How do you foresee TECO progressing as it grows?

We’re currently expanding in Singapore, the U.S., and Korea with plans to bring our innovative curriculums to Thailand and India in the near future. As we grow, however, our mission to build prepared students, confident leaders, and successful citizens will never change.


For more information, please visit or contact us at

Alternatively you can reach out to us at : +65-8767-6303 (SG) or +82-10-9125-4647 (KR)

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