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See our Internship Program in Action!

“We are being outpaced by other nations. It’s not that their kids are any smarter than ours - it’s that they are being smarter about how to educate their children.”

- Barack Obama

Founded in 2019 with dreams to change education’s biggest problems, TECO now spreads its mission worldwide with a team of educators, designers, and developers. Bringing foundational study strategies back into style, we’re a group of young innovators with big dreams to reimagine what education looks like for students, teachers, parents, and schools in the future.

Three Highlights of our Internship Program:

ONE. Our holistic review and interview of each individual brings out their authentic selves, creating an honest and healthy environment. With our aspirations to expand these beneficial opportunities to talented and motivated high school students, we have seen an upward trend in applicants choosing to work with us, making this round our most competitive since our founding!

TWO. TECO continues to make products and curriculums dedicated for middle and high school students, and our interns charge up a significant part of our content ideation process. We admit individuals ready to contribute their experience and knowledge as current students for a certain project. Their direct involvement within secondary education allows TECO to receive inputs and feedback on future goals.

THREE. As a result, interns are able to gain first-hand experience in the career field they would like to pursue. Not only does this give our interns an advantage when applying for colleges and writing their applications, it also prepares them for what is expected in their field of interest.

Who is to say where the opportunity to reform the education curriculum lies? Youngju Han and Siho Moon, our market research interns, have been doing nothing but using their experience as 11th grade students at Harbin Wanbang School in developing TECO’s first physical product: a study planner.

The study planner in-development by TECO integrates our Study Strategies Program and establishes similar topics onto a single notebook. Through a study planner that can specifically record time management, assist with balance between study and rest, etc., TECO hopes to create a document for students from all over the world to grow and thrive independently.


For more information, please visit or contact us at

Alternatively, you can reach out to us at : +65-8767-6303 (SG) or +82-10-9125-4647 (KR)

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