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What's the best way to study?

It is a known fact that there are different types of people in the world. With this known fact, we naturally categorize people in our head based on various reasons. We constantly ascribe things, ideas, memories virtually everything into tiny little boxes. Even when reading this, you may have various thoughts in your mind about different ways of organizing this article. In my humble opinion, it is true that people are different, but it is clearly wrong to treat other people differently or unfairly based on the difference. From all the categories and differences that we consider, there is a certain category that people often disregard - regarding different style of learning.

One of my striking memories during elementary school were the various kids who had 10 different highlighters and markers, who would draw wonderful drawings and gorgeous headers in cursive for their notes. As a kid only using a pencil, I never understood the psychology behind these fancy ‘highlighter’ kids. In my faint memory, I remember that these ‘highlighter’ kids were not the best students in class. However, that didn’t mean that I, with only a simple pencil in my hand, was the best student. As a little kid, I judged other students who used different methods of studying. Yes, I was the ‘judgy’ kid, and I believe that I was wrong for that.

However, as time passed, I was no longer the ‘pencil’ kid. Rather, I picked up various tricks and notations that other people used. For instance, from my debate teacher, I picked up writing two commas in my notes when I have concluded my thought. It was from my English teacher that I picked up writing slashes at the end of important points to separate when reading longer and difficult texts. My math teacher gave me the idea of using blue pens to differentiate or accentuate main points or train of thought. While I may seem to impose that that certain methods of writing notes or annotation is the best way, I am instead trying to argue the opposite. I believe that these habits stuck with me until now because somehow, in my brain, they work and help me clarify my thoughts. I used to study in a setting where my peers would get punished for writing with their left hand instead of right. Teachers would also force us to use pencils, as we weren’t old enough to use mechanical pencil or pen.

Apparently, we had to go to middle school and high school respectively in order to use certain types of pencil or pen. There weren’t much freedom or liberty to decide what we wanted to do with our note styles or such. I believe that the teachers in my past was wrong. Everyone has their unique style of notes and studying. I only brought up examples of habits when taking notes. However, this thought that everyone has their unique way of studying is applicable to all disciplines and study methods. There is no one way to success when we are dealing with studying. We just need to find our own method that works for us. We often admit that we are different in physical or mental ways. Why don’t we recognize that we all have differences in our study style as well?

How does one go about doing that? I encourage you to take note of what works for you and what doesn't. Try methods you're not comfortable with, continue those that you know will work better than those you know don't. Remember, it's y

our own progress of learning, so understanding that certain popular methods might not be helpful for you, and that's okay.


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