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Why we create our own textbooks

At TECO, we always strive to be different from traditional educational companies. When we first looked into how we can improve the quality and accessibility of our services, we realized that a major way we can differentiate ourselves is by creating our own textbooks. By starting with Korean, we’re now branching out to English, Personal Finance, and College Admissions, and we will continue to develop our own curriculums because: 

1. We can take control of how and what our students learn. 

Textbooks can be quite limiting and present obstacles should teachers want to deviate from existing curriculums. So by creating our textbooks from scratch with consultation from our finest instructors, we’re able to create classes that are deeply personalized and that reflect our strongest abilities. 

2. Our textbooks are free for our students. 

Textbooks are really expensive. By making our textbooks free for our students, we allow them to pursue what they want–perhaps a nice meal, a present for a loved one, or even a new bike–rather than having to shell out a couple hundred dollars for a Calculus textbook that’s going to be obsolete within a year. 

3. We continue to update our textbooks like apps. 

As mentioned, textbooks go obsolete very quickly to make students continue to purchase newer versions. Our textbooks are free on purchase, and we update them for free forever as well. That’s a promise we’ll always keep. 

4. Students learn from us, and we learn from students. 

It’s often incredibly difficult for textbook companies to keep track of student feedback on their materials. With us, however, since we provide classes for our own textbooks, we are always attentive to student feedback to continually improve our classes.

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